Ubatec, in its role of TLU (technological linkage unit) seeks to offer their innovations to the public sector as well as the national, regional and international productive sector. For this purpose, we develop motivation and detection of results of UBA investigation and other actors of the scientific technological ecosystem, as a Prize to the Innovation and Applied Research.

We also accompany them in the process of development of the project until the necessary matureness, to be transferred. Therefore, after the evaluation and validation of the projects, we ensure the protection of the innovations, we elaborate a strategic model that includes business plans and models for industrial scale, the development of financing schemes and marketing, dissemination and commercialization. According to each specific case, we arrange agreements on technological transfer or we support the development of technological-based companies.


A few cases

  • Development of low cost enzyme immune testing for diagnosis of dengue.
  • Innovation technology for the control of pathogens and improvement of the quality of inoculant soybeans.
  • Design and development of climate modules for cultivating plants or microorganisms of agricultural interest.
  • Technological platform for vegetable improvement of the new generation of the seed industry.
  • Valorization of lemon rinds or other fruits through obtaining pectine and dietary fiber.
  • Obtaining industrial proteins from the cheese whey.
  • Technology integration for agribusiness: biorefineries.
  • Small challenges – “The fun bag”