UBATEC, in its role of incubator, seeks to promote the development and strengthen innovative enterprises of the region supporting the elaboration and sustainability of the projects during their initial stage, in order to facilitate their entry and/or tenure in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

To that effect, UBATEC works with the Ministry of Production and the National Agency R+D+I credit lines, which were designed to provide economic support to entrepreneurs capable of carrying out innovative and scalable projects.




  • Advice on available financing lines.
    • R + D + I Agency: Fontar, Fonarsec
    • Ministry of Productive Development
  • Advice on project formulation and presentation.
  • Technical advice through professionals from the UBA, in business plans, industrial design, brand design.
  • Accompaniment in incubation and scaling processes.
  • Contact with possible partners / investors from the productive sector to scale up the project.
  • Advice and support in the first commercial transactions.
  • Monitoring, management control and administration of funds of national and international origin for research and business development.


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