Analysis, diagnosis and proposals of solutions to problems of the productive sector.

Administration and management of congresses and scientific academic events.

Technical assistance to companies and chambers in various sectors.

Evaluation of investment projects in national and international level.

Proposals of social responsibility actions; support for the commitments in the processes of social and labor development.

Hydrogeology Services
UBATEC performs the management of technological linkage, services and technology transfer provided by researchers and professionals in the area of ​​Hydrogeology.

Various services are provided to companies, institutions, organizations from various areas. The main workplace is Vaca Muerta, where studies are carried out on 30% of the total blocks. We also work in water basins of the High Andean region and Wetlands. We also provide services to Saguapac, Bolivia.

We are in the process of expanding services, aiming at the renewable energy and urban geothermal energy sector.

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Medical Biosimulation
The Ce.Bios offers training courses in Simulation-Based Learning and designs and produces models for use in its courses and sales. From Ubatec, we collaborated in the formulation and execution of the Strategic Development Project, Add Value and we accompanied them in the 1st symposium on simulation in the field of education in health sciences and in Brain Chile.

We have signed bonding and transfer agreements with several institutions.

To purchase products, please contact us.

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First Challenges Project

This project arises as a result of a research project of the Faculty of Psychology, between Dras. Alicia Oiberman and Mariela Mansilla. It is a kit of games for the stimulation of the development of the practical intelligence of children from 0 to 36 months. It is based on the EAIS (Argentine Sensory Motor Intelligence Scale).

From Ubatec, we manage its development with the collaboration of the Secretary of Science and Technology of the University of Buenos Aires, and we are in charge of marketing. To this end, we evaluate and finance your redesign, in support of business growth.

If you are interested in the product, you can contact us.

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Other projects and services